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Survive 2017

by Kellie Komorita | Jan 20, 2017

As we head into the adventure that is 2017, the Modern Species team has collected 12 essential things to keep us sane through the current political and cultural rumpus. We thought these things were worth sharing—for a chuckle and for inspiration. Check out the Guide to explore which ones you want to add to your own survival tool kit for the coming year.


Protect the Planet, Save Ourselves: Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue

by Kellie Komorita | May 26, 2016

It’s frequently been said that,

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.”

I believe that to be true.


Bees, Honey, and the SeaTac Airport

by Gage Mitchell | Mar 2, 2015

There’s a lot of talk these days about how important bees are to our eco-system, but having honey bee hives at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport sounds crazy! Well, that’s exactly why The Common Acre put them there. Listen to this episode of Science Friday with Ira Flatow to find out why this seemingly odd combination is by design.


Understanding the $200k Logo

by Jennifer Stewart | Sep 16, 2014

Perhaps you’ve heard this story before. In 1986, designer Paul Rand was paid $100,000 ($217,000 adjusted for 2014 inflation) by Steve Jobs to design the NeXT Computers logo. Jobs was given no concepts, no rounds of revision, no options. The deal was, Rand would design the logo, Jobs would pay, and if he didn’t like it, he didn’t have to use it.


Be Curious

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 19, 2014

We frequently get asked for advice because of our unique niche in sustainable design, and being quite interested in the subject we naturally dive head first into an on-the-spot, crash course in designing for sustainability. That can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially if this is your first introduction to the topic. So the next time somebody asks me for a sustainable design tip, I want to try something different. Here’s how I imagine it going.


The Millenials’ Demand for Transparency

by Jennifer Stewart | May 15, 2013

Remember when Obama said that he would make government more transparent? The majority of people really liked the sound of that, but my guess is that this was one of the promises he made to win the youth vote. Considering his campaigns focus on the youth of America, this is the sort of thing his advisors would have told him was an important promise. That’s because transparency is heavily favored by millennials and forward thinking businesses would be wise to adapt toward this more transparent future.


How To Get Word-of-Mouth Promotions

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 16, 2013

I never realized how powerful word of mouth marketing is until I saw how it affected me. After a month researching phones in preparation for getting my very first smartphone, I had firmly decided upon on a Samsung. I called my brother, Jeff, an expert in all things Android and mentioned my phone choice. His reply was, “No, you need to get an HTC Droid Incredible II”. A year later guess which phone is sitting next to my keyboard? An HTC Droid Incredible II. The fact is that word-of-mouth marketing is proven to be powerful. My story is one of millions like it. So the question that most companies want to know is how to make it work for them?


Where Graphic Design is Failing

by Gage Mitchell | Nov 2, 2012

When Valerie Casey founded the Designers Accord in 2007 to create awareness of sustainability issues in graphic design, she hoped it would be a short term project. One that would start the conversation and put in place industry standards for sustainability that would become the norm. Five years later, though, even with all the movement’s success, too many sustainable graphic design books, events, and conversations are still focused around the introductory topic of what sustainable design is, and why it’s important, instead of innovating beyond what should be obvious by now.

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