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Studio News

Modern Species Celebrates Six Years

by Jennifer Stewart | Apr 17, 2015

We’re the type of people who will happily take any reason to celebrate. Last week we had a particularly good one. Not only did we launch our spiffy new website, but we also hit the six year mark on the life of Modern Species.

To celebrate six years of wonderful clients and great projects, we decided to fuel our creative juices with a day off doing some fun activities around town.

Studio News

Onward Radio - A Podcast on Socially Conscious Design

by Jennifer Stewart | Apr 2, 2015

Eric Benson of Re-Nourish apparently does not need to sleep because he has taken it upon himself to start a sustainable design podcast called Onward Radio. We were excited to hear the first couple of interviews he had, and doubly excited when he asked Gage to be one of his featured guests!

Studio News

Two Package Design Awards: GDUSA

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 10, 2015

Awesome news! We recently found out that we won two American Package Design awards for our work evolving the Yumbutter brand. The first is for the new Yumbutter GO pouches that bring organic super foods to the active and convenience foods market. The second is for the Yumbutter 16 ounce jars that have super food flavors, but also rock super delicious concoctions like Cranberry and Coconut, Spicy Thai, and even a limited release of Espresso Dark Chocolate Vanilla. So Yum it’s not even funny!

Studio News

Holiday Break Time

by Jennifer Stewart | Dec 24, 2014

We here at Modern Species are entering into hibernation mode and shutting down the office until January 2nd of 2015. We thank all of clients, colleagues, and friends for a truly inspiring 2014 and are eagerly anticipating all of the fun projects lined up for 2015. From all of us here at Modern Species, we wish you a very happy holiday season. 

– Jen, Gage, and Kellie

Press Releases

Meet Kellie: The NKOTB

by Jennifer Stewart | Oct 21, 2014

There’s some new talent in the office these days and we thought you might like to meet her. World, this is Kellie Komorita. She’s smart, quick to laugh, has amazing design taste, and dresses better than Gage. She also has a name that reminds us of that lyric in the song Harlem Shake, and thus we have deemed her Harlem. I sent Harlem a list of questions that I know you wanted to ask her and below are her insightful and deep answers. Enjoy!

Studio News

Intro to the Seattle Design Community

by Jennifer Stewart | Jun 5, 2014

The always-charming and sometimes-mohawked Gage Mitchell will be speaking alongside his AIGA Seattle cohort, Dave Miller, at this Monday’s Introduction to the Seattle Design Community event, hosted by General Assembly. If you’re new to Seattle, a recent grad, or still in school, grab a free ticket and come hear about how and where to find the best position for your talents.


Package & Sustainable Design Awards: GDUSA

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 3, 2014

We’re happy to announce that we took home two honors in the 2014 GDUSA Package Design Awards. Our packaging for Makes 3 was awarded in the Health and Beauty sector, and our Half-Box design for Qet was chosen for Sustainability. Many thanks to GDUSA, and to our clients for helping us do great work! Read on for photos and descriptions.

Studio News

Happy Holidays from The Species

by Jennifer Stewart | Dec 17, 2013

We know you’re sitting at your desk right now, click click clicking away on your mouse and keyboard in an attempt to make it look and sound like you’re getting work done, all while actually dreaming of your upcoming long Christmas weekend. While we do want you to have a lovely and relaxing break, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out to you that you’re being irresponsible. After all, you’re going to head off to a lovely weekend and you have yet to even consider the needs of your computer screen.

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