Modern Species

Genus Species :: Socius artifex (Partner designer)

Gage Mitchell

Specimen Gage Mitchell


The graphic design genius that drives Modern Species. He is a unique mammal whose enlarged right brain has given him extraordinary creative abilities that he often uses to systematically design the world around him. This species also consumes a disproportional amount of food for its body weight, simultaneously baffling scientists and irritating women.


Originating from the region of Denver, Colorado. Has also been sighted in Charlotte, North Carolina,  Madison, Wisconsin, and Seattle, Washington.


Often spotted working for hours at a computer. These times of relative immobility are interrupted by bursts of socializing with fellow genus types and improvised game play such as ‘office golf’ and ‘rubber band fights’. Described by others as friendly, laid-back, committed, and often silly. Capable of sleeping longer than bears in winter.


Often found advocating the greatness of design to clients and fellow genus members. Shows signs of distress when he is told that "design is just about making things pretty." Believes design can improve education, awareness, and community by making powerful messages visually appealing and/or arresting.


Voracious consumer of spicy foods and craft beer. Mostly vegetarian, but has a tough time resisting sausage and bacon.


Educated at Colorado State University in the field of Graphic Design. Worked at two boutique design firms before founding his own studio. Constantly evolving through leadership roles in AIGA, the professional association for design.

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