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Project Challenges

  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Website
  • Sales Materials
  • Promo Materials
  • Trade Show Graphics

With their crazy-delicious, super-nutritious and world-changing nut butters, Yumbutter is poised to take over the healthy snack food world. So when they came to Modern Species with an idea to put their superfood-packed nut butters into a pouch for the ethical consumer on the go, we jumped at the chance to help take them from a local hero to a national brand. After all, we need more portable organic nutrition on the market because we're all tired of sticky sweet protein bars. 

The first step toward a successful launch was to re-craft their brand to be more boldly compassionate, and to better communicate the power-packed nutrition and creative flavor combinations. After a range of conceptual explorations we landed on a sturdy, yet friendly, logo that more properly captured their unique spirit and set a strong tone for the rest of the brand. From there we dove into the Yumbutter GO packaging, giving them some amped-up energy with the expressive, hand-lettered type, to capture the on-the-go nature of the product. Then for the jars we focused on the creative flavors and rockin' nutrition profiles with some fun color combinations and bold layouts. With the packaging look and feel established, the rest of the brand practically designed itself.

To prepare for the big launch at Expo West we then helped Yumbutter refresh their website, pull together some marketing materials, and craft a fun booth experience on a shoestring budget. When the big day came, Yumbutter stood out so much they received a Nexty Nomination and got enough leads and handshakes to take them from 50 doors, to over 350 that year. Go team!

Project Results

  • Yumbutter Go Launched at Expo West in March 2014 and helped take Yumbutter from 50 retail doors to over 350 that same year!

  • Yumbutter labels are printed on FiberStone, a tree-free stone "paper" that helps preserve trees, creates no waste water, and uses 1/2 the energy of virgin paper.


  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Lauren Wallace
  • Illustration:
    Nate Koehler, Gage Mitchell

Happy Client Says

We’ve gotten to the point in our relationship with Gage and Jen [Mod Spec] where I can attempt to explain my abstract idea and pray something decent comes out. Then, they send back the concepts and I know they must be angels, or ESP experts because they’ve extracted all my other wandering thoughts and put them on paper (or file) — beautifully, precisely, with research of their own, and in a way that speaks to the world exactly as our brand should.

Adrian Reif CEO & Chief Goodness Warrior


  • American Package Design Award, 2015

    Yumbutter Go Pouches

  • American Package Design Award, 2015

    Yumbutter Jar Labels