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What Will You Sacrifice for Sustainability?

by Jennifer Stewart | Jun 24, 2016

Today I watched a short video about what the world would be like without packaging. It was supposed to be funny, showing a guy visiting a farm and carrying milk in his hands in order to put it on his cereal (apparently a bowl is now considered a package), but instead it made me sad. Sad because we used to live in a world without so much packaging waste, and sad because that world is one that even the greenest buyer doesn’t want to return to.

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Our Newest Grand Species: Hendrix

by Jennifer Stewart | Mar 30, 2016

We always knew Carla was a talented designer, but her latest creation might just be the finest she’s ever made. Introducing Hendrix Parker Britt: design baby.


How to Find a Great Idea for a New Business

by Jennifer Stewart | Feb 24, 2016

If you’re a wannabe entrepreneur without anything to sell, I suggest you watch this little video from The School of Life for some inspiration for you next project. They posit that the best thing to sell is that which removes our unhappiness. I agree with this, however the entrepreneur of the future needs to make sure that providing happiness for one person does not create unhappiness in another.


Why Making Seasonal Products is Worth the Risk

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 20, 2016

Many companies pour considerable funds into R&D, design, packaging, and promotion of products that they only intend to sell for 2-3 months because it’s unlikely to sell at all outside that window. It’s a high risk business, so why do so many companies take the chance? Because of a little psychological phenomenon called Loss Aversion.

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An Interview with AIGA Seattle President, Gage Mitchell

by Jennifer Stewart | Nov 3, 2015

We're strong believers in the power of design, and because of this, we're also long-time supporters of AIGA, the professional association for design. In fact, Gage has served on the Board of Directors for over 12 years now, across four different chapters, in various roles from Programming, to Operations, to Sustainability, and now President. Being the President has it's perks – one which is being the guinea pig for a new series of blog posts on the AIGA Seattle website profiling the hard-working volunteers behind the curtain. So if you're curious to read more about why Gage started Modern Species, or what advice he offers to new designers, keep reading...

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Our Charitable Donations 2015

by Jennifer Stewart | May 28, 2015

We like to do good. Not in the poor grammar sense of the word, but in the dictionary-definition ethical sense. However, one person’s idea of good may be another’s definition of evil, so in deciding where to put a portion of our annual profits, we aim for those organizations that have a positive impact on the structure of sustainability: Economics, the Environment, and Ethics.

It’s not easy to choose as there are so many incredible causes and organizations in the world. To narrow it down, we focused on those charities whose activities are really needed in our region and whose impact will have a positive effect for generations to come.

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Modern Species Celebrates Six Years

by Jennifer Stewart | Apr 17, 2015

We’re the type of people who will happily take any reason to celebrate. Last week we had a particularly good one. Not only did we launch our spiffy new website, but we also hit the six year mark on the life of Modern Species.

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Onward Radio - A Podcast on Socially Conscious Design

by Jennifer Stewart | Apr 2, 2015

Eric Benson of Re-Nourish apparently does not need to sleep because he has taken it upon himself to start a sustainable design podcast called Onward Radio. We were excited to hear the first couple of interviews he had, and doubly excited when he asked Gage to be one of his featured guests!

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