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Inspirational People of Seattle-Ish

by Kellie Komorita | Jan 18, 2019

2018 was exhausting. Honestly, it felt like a decade, didn’t it? While it was easy to fall into hopelessness at times, we found encouragement in the people who really stepped up. All of these local folks have inspired us in 2017-2018 by tenaciously challenging the status quo in a way that helps us envision a more just, equitable, and beautiful future.


Survive 2017

by Kellie Komorita | Jan 20, 2017

As we head into the adventure that is 2017, the Modern Species team has collected 12 essential things to keep us sane through the current political and cultural rumpus. We thought these things were worth sharing—for a chuckle and for inspiration. Check out the Guide to explore which ones you want to add to your own survival tool kit for the coming year.


Protect the Planet, Save Ourselves: 5 Things You Should Know About Climate Refugees

by Kellie Komorita | Dec 6, 2016

1] “Climate Refugees” isn’t a new concept.

To paint with a broad brush, a climate refugee is anyone who has to relocate due to climate related complications. The term was first popularized by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1985. That’s 31 years ago. Hell, it’s older than some of us millenials. [1] I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never heard of the plight of climate refugees until a few months ago. As much as it seems like a painfully obvious byproduct of climate change, I feel quite ashamed that I've been so uninformed. If you're in the same boat as me, let’s talk about this.



by Kellie Komorita | Nov 16, 2016

It certainly has been one hell of a post-election week. Like half of the country, we’re still processing what a Trump presidency will look like and how that might impact us on a personal and business level and we would just like to voice solidarity with all of our clients, friends, and peers.


Protect the Planet, Save Ourselves: Climate Change is a Human Rights Issue

by Kellie Komorita | May 26, 2016

It’s frequently been said that,

“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change, and the last generation that can do something about it.”

I believe that to be true.


Book Report: The Green Design and Print Production Handbook

by Kellie Komorita | Feb 5, 2016

Perhaps the best way to introduce “The Green Design & Print Production Handbook” is through an excerpt from the book itself:

“The intention behind this book is to turn that feeling of alienation, of powerlessness, into one in which you feel not only connected with what is happening and why, but you understand the practical part you can play in reducing your impact on the environment through your role as a publisher, printer, or author.”

Do right and you will be conspicuous.- Mark Twain