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How to Find a Great Idea for a New Business

by Jennifer Stewart | Feb 24, 2016

If you’re a wannabe entrepreneur without anything to sell, I suggest you watch this little video from The School of Life for some inspiration for you next project. They posit that the best thing to sell is that which removes our unhappiness. I agree with this, however the entrepreneur of the future needs to make sure that providing happiness for one person does not create unhappiness in another.


Why Branding Works / The Behavior Model Perspective

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 10, 2016

Do you ever wonder why people are willing to pay more for luxury brands, or why they often choose the name-brand over the generic competitor sitting nearby? Well wonder no more, because we’ve modified the Fogg Behavior Model to shed light on why branding works so darn well.

First, let us quickly explain how the original behavior model works:


Don’t Get Distracted By Beauty — Think Brand

by Gage Mitchell | Jan 28, 2015

The tricky thing about the design process is that there are so many different forms beauty can take. For example, one hundred different designers could come up with one hundred equally beautiful, but quite different solutions to a brief. Some of them might achieve the business goals. Some of them might be on brand. Some of them might even save you money. So how do you avoid getting caught in the tractor beams of all this beauty in order to find the solution that really works? You put on your branding cap, that’s how.


Sustainability Will Set You Apart

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 30, 2013

Organic is taking over the world!! Yay! Celebrate! And customers are now expecting more from you!! Oh no! Panic! Actually, you probably don’t have to panic, but you may need to spend as much time focusing on the sustainability of your company as you do your product, because that is starting to become a distinguishing factor among buyers.


The Value & ROI of Great Design

by Jennifer Stewart | Jun 14, 2012

Design is not cheap. Nor should it be, considering good design can make any company a lot of money. Though the many benefits of design are hard to quantify since few people can testify to the impact that design has on their comprehension and decision making, here are four common sense examples of how design helps companies.


The Danger of Outside Opinions

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 3, 2012

When given design concepts to chose from, many of our clients have made the mistake of asking “someone whose opinion they trust”. However, trusting a person’s opinion about how good you looked in your new jacket does not necessarily qualify them to make decisions about your business. How you brand your company is, after all, a business decision. So if you must get an opinion about your branding, it’s important to ask a person who already knows what your company provides, what it stands for, and who is its audience. And to ask it in the right way.


Helping Designers Help Nonprofits

by Jennifer Stewart | Dec 14, 2011

As part of AIGA’s Design For Good, we and many other designers dedicate a certain amount of time to pro bono projects with nonprofit clients. It can be very fun and rewarding work, but working in this sector creates a common set of challenges that many designers face. So in the spirit of the season, here is a list for nonprofit companies on the best gifts you can give your design company when working on branding your organization. No wrapping required.


Proper Branding Takes Time

by Jennifer Stewart | Dec 9, 2011

All good things come to those who wait. Then why rush your branding process? In fact, when you give yourself time to enjoy it without being pinned down by impending deadlines, branding can be a blast! So how much time should you allow before this event to get you branding done? Is there such a thing as giving too much time?

It is better to take pleasure in
a rose than to put its root
under a microscope.- Oscar Wilde