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Book Report: The Green Design and Print Production Handbook

by Kellie Komorita | Feb 5, 2016

Perhaps the best way to introduce “The Green Design & Print Production Handbook” is through an excerpt from the book itself:

“The intention behind this book is to turn that feeling of alienation, of powerlessness, into one in which you feel not only connected with what is happening and why, but you understand the practical part you can play in reducing your impact on the environment through your role as a publisher, printer, or author.”


This Is Design School Interview

by Gage Mitchell | Nov 30, 2015

We recently had the pleasure of joining Jp Avila and Chad P. Hall in their studio to record an episode of "This Is Design School", a podcast for students wanting to learn more about the design profession. In the interview we talk about our path into running a sustainable design studio, what that means to us, and we leave with some sage advice for students. Before I spoil it any more, go ahead and have a listen below (after the jump). To read the fully transcribed interview, or to listen to other great interviews, click here.


The Design Recharge Show Interview

by Gage Mitchell | Jul 23, 2015

This July I had the pleasure of joining Diane Gibbs on The Design Recharge Show to discuss my recent string of talks called "Recipes for a One-Pot Life: blending your passions and work into a more fulfilling career". We talked about how I got into the design field, how I ended up working my passions, and how you – yes you – can do the same thing, too! Check out the full video of my interview after the jump, and hop on over to Design Recharge to see more awesome shows in the archive (including one with Von Glitschka).


Don’t Get Distracted By Beauty — Think Brand

by Gage Mitchell | Jan 28, 2015

The tricky thing about the design process is that there are so many different forms beauty can take. For example, one hundred different designers could come up with one hundred equally beautiful, but quite different solutions to a brief. Some of them might achieve the business goals. Some of them might be on brand. Some of them might even save you money. So how do you avoid getting caught in the tractor beams of all this beauty in order to find the solution that really works? You put on your branding cap, that’s how.


Trends from Expo West 2014

by Jennifer Stewart | Mar 16, 2014

Natural Products Expo West is the Consumer Electronics Show of food. Miles of vendors hock their wares to a crowd of early adopters willing to risk a serious case of gut rot to get their hands on the latest culinary innovations. My gut was one of those, so I wanted to give you my readout on the trends I’m seeing sweep the natural and organic products industry.


Be Curious

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 19, 2014

We frequently get asked for advice because of our unique niche in sustainable design, and being quite interested in the subject we naturally dive head first into an on-the-spot, crash course in designing for sustainability. That can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially if this is your first introduction to the topic. So the next time somebody asks me for a sustainable design tip, I want to try something different. Here’s how I imagine it going.


Package & Sustainable Design Awards: GDUSA

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 3, 2014

We’re happy to announce that we took home two honors in the 2014 GDUSA Package Design Awards. Our packaging for Makes 3 was awarded in the Health and Beauty sector, and our Half-Box design for Qet was chosen for Sustainability. Many thanks to GDUSA, and to our clients for helping us do great work! Read on for photos and descriptions.


A New Approach to Mailings

by Jennifer Stewart | Feb 28, 2013

Since the world of promotions has moved online, the promotional mailer has become a rare commodity, and because of this, a valuable one. Never has the walk from the mailbox to the front door or desk allowed companies to have such uninterrupted time with their customer. A perfect example of this seldom appreciated phenomenon came in the form of the above envelope.

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