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Sustainability Will Set You Apart

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 30, 2013

Organic is taking over the world!! Yay! Celebrate! And customers are now expecting more from you!! Oh no! Panic! Actually, you probably don’t have to panic, but you may need to spend as much time focusing on the sustainability of your company as you do your product, because that is starting to become a distinguishing factor among buyers.


How Better Web Design Translates to Sales

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 23, 2013

I came across an interesting, though ancient, article the other day on The Psychology of Web Performance. Written in May of 2008 (so old!) and pulling from research that cites a time before ubiquitous broadband, the statistics it lists on what online shoppers will and won’t tolerate are astounding and makes a great case for the necessity of high-performance, well-designed website.


The Holiday Card That Almost Wasn’t

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 9, 2013

Last year we sent out our first company holiday card. What should have been an easy design and print job was almost thwarted by print industry standards and what could easily be called a production disaster. This adventure in stressland resulted in a slightly different card from what was originally designed and a really great case study in sustainable design perseverance.


The Value & ROI of Great Design

by Jennifer Stewart | Jun 14, 2012

Design is not cheap. Nor should it be, considering good design can make any company a lot of money. Though the many benefits of design are hard to quantify since few people can testify to the impact that design has on their comprehension and decision making, here are four common sense examples of how design helps companies.


7 Principles for Sustainable Design Thinking

by Gage Mitchell | Mar 15, 2012

I recently had the honor of speaking about sustainable design at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point NowHere Conference. While enjoying the company of some great up-and-coming designers, several of them asked me to recap my talk for those who were unable make it to the presentation. So for anyone interested, behold the Modern Species’ 7 Principles for Sustainable Design Thinking.


Design Lessons from the Winter Food Shows

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 15, 2012

This January was a big food month for me thanks to my attendance at the Winter Fancy Food Show and the Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco. While many attend these shows to find the newest trends in food, we go to these trade shows to see how design can benefit the industry. Here’s what we found.


Staying Out of the Sustainable Rabbit Hole

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 31, 2012

The biggest problem with the Cradle to Cradle model of design is that it requires considering factors that are so often outside of your control. Things like different recycling systems and predictably unpredictable customers are enough to make a sustainable designer throw their hands up and start printing everything in metallic ink. Solution? Focus on what you can control.


The Prius is Ugly

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 24, 2012

When Toyota first rolled out the Prius, my reaction was the same as many others; Wow, that’s an ugly car! I assumed this hybrid metal snot rocket would see poor sales until the makers redesigned the car to be less space-pod-esque. Ten years and over 1 million sales later, I have come to the sad conclusion that the eco-movement has popularized ugly design. This is my plea for it to stop.

The details are not the details.
They make the design.- Charles Eames