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Why Fashionable is Falling Out of Fashion

by Jennifer Stewart | Oct 30, 2013

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This weekend I was having lunch with a friend when I saw a girl with boho pants walk by. My friend remarked that he had never seen them before and I said “Oh they’re really old school. They were popular about 4 years ago.” Understandably, my friend laughed at me for considering 4 years to be old, causing me to realize that I had become a victim of fast fashion.


Full Disclosure in Eco-Fashion

by Jennifer Stewart | Mar 29, 2012

When you’re shopping for clothes, do you ever look at the price tag and think, Sweet mother! Is this thing made of spun gold? What could possibly justify this price? Well one fashion retailer, Honest by, is trying to bring the hidden infrastructure behind fashion costs to the forefront with a shocking amount of transparency. You’ll never look at your closet the same way again.


Consume Less, Sell More

by Jennifer Stewart | Feb 7, 2012

Is Sell, Baby, Sell becoming the new Drill, Baby, Drill? Are the most forward thinking companies trying to sell more by selling less? In an age where every company is ‘green’ and has the challenge of showing that they care, it seems that the ultimate show of compassion is helping consumers regulate their own consumption.


The Travesty of Men’s Eco Fashion

by Jennifer Stewart | Jul 8, 2011

I spend most of my clothing dollars at second-hand stores for two reasons; it’s environmentally friendly to reuse clothes that are already made, and most women rarely use up a garment before they toss it in the donation bin. So when I visit Goodwill, I’m sure to find at least a few gems. This is not at all the case for men. Guys like to wear things until they literally disintegrate off their body or their significant other starts using that favorite t-shirt as a cleaning rag. This leaves the second-hand mens section rather lacking in selection. So what’s an eco-conscious guy to do?


Bamboo Clothing is Not Eco-Friendly

by Jennifer Stewart | Jun 6, 2011

I make a habit of checking the FTC’s website regularly for updates to the Green Guides, which provides guidance on making environmental marketing claims. Whenever I’m on the site, I come across great, informative articles. This short one is one of the best smack downs I’ve read on why bamboo clothing is not eco-friendly at all….

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