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Nutiva’s Beauty Package Design Wins the Hearts of Nexty & GDUSA Awards

by Carla Williamson-Britt | Nov 19, 2018

Guess the cat's out of the bag!

Our newest work for Nutiva just won two exciting industry awards: the GDUSA Award for Health & Wellness Design and a Nexty Award at Expo East for progressive, innovative, inspiring, and trustworthy new products in the natural products industry. If you can’t tell, we are pretty chuffed with ourselves.


Alter Eco’s Gone4Good Packaging Wins a Nexty Award!

by Gage Mitchell | Mar 15, 2016

Every year at the Natural Product’s Expo West, a group of people review and evaluate all the new products at the show in order to curate a list of what they deem the most exciting innovations of the year. For the last three or four years we’ve had the privilege of working on projects that made this coveted Nexty finalist list, which is always an honor, but this year we’re super excited to announce that one of our projects won the Best New Packaging Award!


Why Making Seasonal Products is Worth the Risk

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 20, 2016

Many companies pour considerable funds into R&D, design, packaging, and promotion of products that they only intend to sell for 2-3 months because it’s unlikely to sell at all outside that window. It’s a high risk business, so why do so many companies take the chance? Because of a little psychological phenomenon called Loss Aversion.


Trends from Expo West 2014

by Jennifer Stewart | Mar 16, 2014

Natural Products Expo West is the Consumer Electronics Show of food. Miles of vendors hock their wares to a crowd of early adopters willing to risk a serious case of gut rot to get their hands on the latest culinary innovations. My gut was one of those, so I wanted to give you my readout on the trends I’m seeing sweep the natural and organic products industry.


Package & Sustainable Design Awards: GDUSA

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 3, 2014

We’re happy to announce that we took home two honors in the 2014 GDUSA Package Design Awards. Our packaging for Makes 3 was awarded in the Health and Beauty sector, and our Half-Box design for Qet was chosen for Sustainability. Many thanks to GDUSA, and to our clients for helping us do great work! Read on for photos and descriptions.


The Battle for Sustainable Packaging

by Gage Mitchell | May 8, 2013

While the public demands more sustainable packaging, those who have tried to deliver on this demand understand that what may seem like a simple request is actually much more complicated. Those who have taken on these challenges prove not only how big the task can be, but also what it takes to overcome the obstacles and get to a solution that works for customer and brand alike. The following are four lessons learned by some of the leading companies in the organic food industry.


Convenience is King for Organic

by Jennifer Stewart | Feb 6, 2013

Have you ever felt the joy of stumbling upon an organic option in a place you would never expect it? I had this happen when riding Amtrak from Chicago to Denver. Wandering down to the cafe car, I had little hope of finding anything edible let alone organic. I ordered the Oven Pride vegan burger, thinking that would be the healthiest option and was shocked to see the word organic listed before virtually every ingredient! Delight consumed me and I happily ordered burgers for every meal that trip. This is a perfect example of the loyal sales that come from making organic products more accessible.


Sustainability Will Set You Apart

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 30, 2013

Organic is taking over the world!! Yay! Celebrate! And customers are now expecting more from you!! Oh no! Panic! Actually, you probably don’t have to panic, but you may need to spend as much time focusing on the sustainability of your company as you do your product, because that is starting to become a distinguishing factor among buyers.

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