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This Is Design School Interview

by Gage Mitchell | Nov 30, 2015

We recently had the pleasure of joining Jp Avila and Chad P. Hall in their studio to record an episode of "This Is Design School", a podcast for students wanting to learn more about the design profession. In the interview we talk about our path into running a sustainable design studio, what that means to us, and we leave with some sage advice for students. Before I spoil it any more, go ahead and have a listen below (after the jump). To read the fully transcribed interview, or to listen to other great interviews, click here.

Studio News

Onward Radio - A Podcast on Socially Conscious Design

by Jennifer Stewart | Apr 2, 2015

Eric Benson of Re-Nourish apparently does not need to sleep because he has taken it upon himself to start a sustainable design podcast called Onward Radio. We were excited to hear the first couple of interviews he had, and doubly excited when he asked Gage to be one of his featured guests!


Happy Terra Madre Day!

by Gage Mitchell | Dec 9, 2014

In case it’s hard to tell, we at Modern Species love good food. Especially when it celebrates unique cultures, food diversity, sustainable farming, and slowing a down a bit to enjoy a meal with family and friends. So when we found out about Slow Food’s Terra Madre Day, we couldn’t help but get a little giddy. Here’s what you need to know.


Sustainable Design Degree Alternatives

by Jennifer Stewart | Mar 24, 2014

I once heard a UX designer say, “Colleges didn’t even teach what I now do every day.” My hope is that sustainable graphic designers will be able to say that one day, too. Right now sustainable design is a profession for only a few self-educated designers, but is generally ignored in the average graphic design curricula. Much like UX design, though, schools often lag in keeping up with the ever-changing world of design, so for those interested in making “sustainable designer” their title, here are the options available to you in schools now.


Be Curious

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 19, 2014

We frequently get asked for advice because of our unique niche in sustainable design, and being quite interested in the subject we naturally dive head first into an on-the-spot, crash course in designing for sustainability. That can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially if this is your first introduction to the topic. So the next time somebody asks me for a sustainable design tip, I want to try something different. Here’s how I imagine it going.


Package & Sustainable Design Awards: GDUSA

by Gage Mitchell | Feb 3, 2014

We’re happy to announce that we took home two honors in the 2014 GDUSA Package Design Awards. Our packaging for Makes 3 was awarded in the Health and Beauty sector, and our Half-Box design for Qet was chosen for Sustainability. Many thanks to GDUSA, and to our clients for helping us do great work! Read on for photos and descriptions.


The Battle for Sustainable Packaging

by Gage Mitchell | May 8, 2013

While the public demands more sustainable packaging, those who have tried to deliver on this demand understand that what may seem like a simple request is actually much more complicated. Those who have taken on these challenges prove not only how big the task can be, but also what it takes to overcome the obstacles and get to a solution that works for customer and brand alike. The following are four lessons learned by some of the leading companies in the organic food industry.


Convenience is King for Organic

by Jennifer Stewart | Feb 6, 2013

Have you ever felt the joy of stumbling upon an organic option in a place you would never expect it? I had this happen when riding Amtrak from Chicago to Denver. Wandering down to the cafe car, I had little hope of finding anything edible let alone organic. I ordered the Oven Pride vegan burger, thinking that would be the healthiest option and was shocked to see the word organic listed before virtually every ingredient! Delight consumed me and I happily ordered burgers for every meal that trip. This is a perfect example of the loyal sales that come from making organic products more accessible.

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