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Evolving is Awesome

by Jennifer Stewart | May 4, 2011 | Studio News

Ta da!!!!! It’s official – Gage Mitchell Design has burst from its fancy designer cocoon and become the butterfly that is Modern Species! OK, well it’s more like a polar bear with wings than a butterfly, and there was no cocoon involved unless you count the six months we’ve spent holed up in our office working this new brand. Nevertheless, we’ve rebranded and created something we think is very cool. Hopefully you feel the same.

So why the new digs, you ask? Well, just like many of our clients, we felt that the company had evolved to the point where it no longer fit the original name. Gage Mitchell Design sounds like a guy working alone in his office, when really, there were two of us (and hopefully more some day), so it was a bit misleading. And while Gage is a nifty name and all, branding the company around his name involved a bit more ego than he was willing to muster. 

This new brand is an attempt to capture many aspects of our business in one look – our business philosophy, sustainability philosophy, and humor. We feel that businesses must evolve their brand image as often as they evolve their products and services. Thanks to the technology boom, our world is more fast paced than ever, which means that adaption is a key to economic survival.

We also believe that increased technological connectivity has resulted in a greater understanding of how we are all connected both socially and environmentally. Because of this, consumers are demanding fairly made products free of harmful chemicals and wasteful practices. Companies are now expected to show their human side and make efforts to respect their triple bottom line.

To remind ourselves and others of what is at stake is this changing business & environmental climate, we used the polar bear. An animal whose existence is threatened by changing climate and who risks being a casualty of our inaction. So what's with the wings? Because we can't escape the pessimism that putting wings on a polar bear would be easier than getting the world to change. And because we think it would be cool if polar bears had wings because they would be really intimidating and it would probably make us sorry we ever melted their home.

We also did it because you should know what kind of people your working with here. The kind that put wings on polar bears and then make it their logo. Yeah, we're that awesome. Maybe we could make you a little more awesomer too. 

Jennifer Stewart is the Office Manager and wanna-be organizational psychologist at Modern Species. For more posts from her, click here.

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