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Increasing Your Social Media ROI

by Jennifer Stewart | Jul 26, 2011 | Branding

For those of you who understand the beauty and power of social media, the next question is usually how do I use it to my advantage? While every business is different, the socialites over at the Social Media Examiner have put together some stats based on new studies that give you the metrics to generate success.

The article summarizes two studies that examined how social media input generated lead output. Quite a handy thing for those of you who have wondered how often should I post on to my blog and do I really need a billion Twitter followers

The key takeaways are:

  1. Posting to your blog daily provides the best results.
  2. And the same can be said for those blogs that have aggregated more than 50 posts.
  3. Having over 300 Twitter followers provides the greatest lead generation.
  4. 1000 Facebook fans puts you at the sweet spot for leads.
  5. More Americans are on social networking sites than ever before and most of them are using them daily.

In other words, to really get something out of social media, you have to be willing to put some serious time into it. Otherwise, your efforts might be in vain. Check out the full article for more details and then get cracking on your social media plan!

Jennifer Stewart is the Office Manager and wanna-be organizational psychologist at Modern Species. For more posts from her, click here.

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