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Lunch & Learn: Breaking Bias — Privilege Walk

Join us for our next edition of Lunch & Learn to become vulnerable to the various ways identity has the potential to become a barrier to professional development. A privilege walk helps us discover invisible advantages and disadvantages and uses a facilitated empathy exercise to visualize with real human lives the deeper meaning behind diversity & inclusion initiatives. Personal awareness of these factors can build better working cultures and help produce more positively impactful design work.


Lennie Gray Mowris, a magically disgruntled manifestor is the founder of Lenspeace, a social impact strategy & letterpress studio specializing in creating sustainable community and purpose-based brand development. She serves the AIGA National Design for Good Task Force as a co-author of the Path to Impact, and is steadily working to bring this body of work to AIGA Atlanta as their Design For Good Director. When Lennie isn’t manifesting her magic, she’s probably lost in the woods soaking up the sunshine by a river, climbing into the canopy of a tree, taking photos of life, or foraging for wild food.


We'll be ordering sandwiches and salad from Homegrown. You can either buy into that order, bring your own lunch, or eat ahead of time. Just chose the right ticket option for you.


Gage Mitchell is the Principal / Creative Director at Modern Species. For more posts from him, click here.

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