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Modern Species Celebrates Six Years

by Jennifer Stewart | Apr 17, 2015 | Studio News

We’re the type of people who will happily take any reason to celebrate. Last week we had a particularly good one. Not only did we launch our spiffy new website, but we also hit the six year mark on the life of Modern Species.

To celebrate six years of wonderful clients and great projects, we decided to fuel our creative juices with a day off doing some fun activities around town. Our first stop was the Impact HUB, which hosted this month’s Creative Mornings.

This month’s topic was Humility, hosted by the incredibly honest, charming, vivacious and foul-mouthed Omri Mor. I’ve been to many of these monthly talks over the past three years and I can definitely say that this one was in the top three. Omri did a very daring thing by asking the audience to come up and explain how they view humility. Probably due to his own honest display of vulnerability, plenty of people were daring enough to do so, including a 17 year old girl who basically brought down the house.

Next stop was up in Capitol Hill for the Sherlocked experience in which we actually paid for someone to lock us in a room for an hour while we tried to find clues to escape. Yes, we paid for that. The scenario is that you are locked in the office of a spy. Around the office are many clues, as well as locked cabinets and boxes. Clues can help you figure out the combinations that open up locks that lead to other clues which eventually gives you the combo to unlock the office door. Fewer than 20% of teams get out of the room in one hour. We got out with ten minutes to spare. #winning

Having worked up an appetite, we headed around the corner to the glorious 8 Ounce Burger, which has some to the most delectable hunks of ground beef in town. Gage and “I-have-the-stomach-capacity-of-a-five-year-old” Kellie managed to consume all of their burgers as well as some fries, proving that a good burger can make you lose all sense.

Apparently a good burger can make you lose all sense of time too because we missed our next event. Our plan was to digest our feast on the floor of the Pacific Science Center’s laser show, but we weren’t able to make it before they shut the door. So instead we visited the exhibits, playing with the horrifying aging software that allows you to see yourself in 30 years, checking out the creepy bug show, and cavorting with hundreds of butterflies in their pavilion before I insisted upon visiting the gift shop and buying as much astronaut ice cream as I could carry.

Here’s to another year of fantastic clients, fun design, successful brands, and my fabulous team who makes it all happen.

Jennifer Stewart is the Office Manager and wanna-be organizational psychologist at Modern Species. For more posts from her, click here.

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