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Package & Sustainable Design Awards: GDUSA

We’re happy to announce that we took home two honors in the 2014 GDUSA Package Design Awards. Our packaging for Makes 3 was awarded in the Health and Beauty sector, and our Half-Box design for Qet was chosen for Sustainability. Many thanks to GDUSA, and to our clients for helping us do great work! Read on for photos and descriptions.

Makes 3: Bodycare for the Whole Family
Awarded for Health & Beauty

This line of soaps was developed with moms in mind. Busy moms who want the safest soap for their babies' skin, and would also love to not buy three different soaps for mom, dad, and baby. The answer: lightly scented soaps that are safe for the whole family, and made with the highest amount of organic ingredients possible. Modern Species designed the identity and packaging to communicate that peace of mind to the moms. Nothing but good ol' clean ingredients in here – and a nice clean design to match.


Qet: Botanical Beauty
Awarded for Sustainability

A lot of skin problems cropping up these days are due to harsh cleansers and chemical laiden moisturizers that throw off your skin's natural balance. And if you want a more natural option for skin care, you're typically pointed to the natural pharmacy to pick up various oils and clays to mix your own skin care products – but who has that kind of time? Luckily, Qet has done all the homework and mixing for you, and has launched a full line of products for all skin types. To ensure the packaging was as smart as the products, Modern Species used their sustainable design magic to create a solution that is beautiful, reduces material, and saves Qet loads of money on production. Introducing the Half-Box. Used on smaller bottles that need extra label space, but don't need to be swimming in giant box (the industry standard). A smart solution, for smart skin care.


Gage Mitchell is the Principal / Creative Director at Modern Species. For more posts from him, click here.

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