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Saving the World Through Book Reports

In this world of all things digital, it’s not hard to save paper…unless you’re a student. One more thing to blame on teachers, I guess, would be the prevalence of students printing off sheet after sheet of paper so that they can turn in reports and homework. As a writing major in college I went through a ream of paper a month. As a business owner I go through a ream of paper a year. So aside from using 100% PCW paper, what’s a student to do? How about using less ink?

The wide world of fonts provides many options beyond the thick, ink hog that is Times New Roman. Many eco-savvy students (and those who hate to pay for expensive ink cartridges) have known about the ink savings of skinny type like Century Gothic. It's a great option for those single paper slice assignments, but a fat font like that can take up a lot of the page (something all you high school students should know).

Another interesting option would be Ecofont software which is design with nifty little holes in the letters that save a surprising amount of ink. Various reviews I've read have been positive, so apparently it works. Unfortunately it currently only works for Windows users, as the developers have yet to create a Mac OS version. Not so upsetting considering they don't allow you to buy a font so much as lease it for a year or three.

The good news is that they do offer a free download sample of Vera Sans Regular. The even better news is that some font designer out there is probably a working on a Mac-friendly version right now that I can actually buy. Hint hint.

If you are said font designer, please post your link below.

Jennifer Stewart is the Office Manager and wanna-be organizational psychologist at Modern Species. For more posts from her, click here.

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