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The Great Migration

by Jennifer Stewart | Jul 19, 2011 | Studio News

It’s been swell folks, but the swelling’s gone down, so Gage and I have decided that it’s time to head west. That’s right, we’re leaving the great state of Wisconsin for the misty shores of Seattle, Washington.

It wasn't an easy decision to leave Madison, a place that's treated us so well. We constantly marvel at the bevy of amazing clients we have had in this little city. In fact, the irony is that if it weren't for the success we've had in Madison, we wouldn't have the ability to move to the Northwest. A fine way to say thanks, eh?

Unfortunately the many reasons for staying in Madison were outweighed by the reasons for leaving. One of those reasons is that we are not only a sustainable studio, but we also live a sustainable lifestyle which includes the decision to go sans cars for the past many years. A feat that is not impossible in Madison, but certainly more difficult than in other cities with more frequent buses, trolleys, and, oh I don't know, governmental support for trains. (Yeah, I went there.)

Another reason for the move is the very thing that all of our detractors have mentioned – Seattle is cloudy. But anyone who knows us can see that the many many geniuses that have contributed to Gage's and my collective gene pool were an incredibly pale lot. This has made generally enjoyable pursuits such as beach vacations something we view as tantamount to relaxing over a fire pit. It seems only logical that cloudy beaches would be much more our style.

There are plenty of other reasons, but few of them are as poignant or funny, so I'll stop there and just say thanks. To Madison, our awesome clients, and great friends. We'll be back as often as we can to see you again, to swim in this fine city's rivers of beer, and to regret dining on the bottomless bowls of fried cheese curds. Madison will always be a part of our hearts (and at least half of our arteries).

We'll be out of here the first week of August, so you still have two weeks or so to change our minds. Pleadings may be left below and bribes in the form of the aforementioned beer and cheese curds are encouraged (but no guarantee of future action or inaction).

Thanks everyone!

Jennifer Stewart is the Office Manager and wanna-be organizational psychologist at Modern Species. For more posts from her, click here.

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