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Wearing Many Hats with Style

We work together on every project we touch, which is why you'll probably meet each of us over the course of working together. Lucky for you, we're all very charming.

Gage Mitchell


Gage sees everything as a design challenge. Whether it's designing new business strategies, designing to solve community problems, or designing your life to be more fulfilling. When on a long overseas trip, he saw wonderful people and beautiful countries mired in a sea of western trash…much of which had been designed by someone like him. This became his inspiration for his next challenge – to design a better world by building a responsible design studio that works with mission-driven brands and spreads sustainable design knowledge. When Gage isn’t trying to save the world with design, he’s probably sipping delicious craft beer with his wife Jen, wrestling with his taiwan dog Sparta, or experimenting in the kitchen.

Kellie Komorita

Brand Designer

Kellie is our ‘natural’. She possesses an innate understanding of branding and impeccable visual taste. After earning her degree in graphic design, Kellie spent the beginning of her career working in interactive design for the start-up scene, and taking every opportunity she could to dabble in print. Finally, her undying passion for sustainable design led her to Modern Species. When not cranking out stunning design solutions Kellie can be found playing with her corgi, Choko, or enjoying tasty craft beer while her husband, Daniel, sips fine whiskey.

Carla Williamson-Britt

Brand Designer

She’s known as Colourful Carla for two reasons. The first being that she’s from Australia so she spells “color” funny. The second is that whenever Carla arrives, it’s like a rainbow of joy walked into the room. Lucky for us and our clients, she brings that joy to every project. Before joining the Species, Carla had worked with brands in industries from education to event management, and beauty to retail. When not designing Carla can be found making goo-goo faces at her adorable baby Hendrix, walking around West Seattle with her husband Todd and her malamute, Aurora, or dreaming of her next opportunity to surf (in warm waters).

Joshua Yu

Project Coordinator

Josh is the man behind the curtain. He has an intrinsic curiosity for solving complex problems that helps him turn the intangible into the tangible. He is often found turning data into spreadsheets, deadlines into schedules, or looking for the next “life-changing” productivity app. Before Modern Species, Josh cultivated a diverse set of skills working with major brands in industries ranging from automotive to entertainment, and technology to non-profit. Born in Taiwan, raised in California, and now living in Seattle with his wife, Steph and their two pugs Flynn and Zorro, Josh's spare time is filled with training for his next marathon or enjoying craft beer.

Ursus M. Alis

Accounts Receivable

His full name is Ursus Maritimus Alis, but call him Ursusy. We know it's passé to use a polar bear when talking about sustainability, but we've never been one to cave to pressure. Besides, our bear has wings. He doesn't just sit around and whine about his situation, he simply flies south and feasts on some of the slow moving humans warming his planet. We think that makes him an icon of sustainable design, because if we're going to improve our world, it's going to require some change, creativity and a good sense of humor.

Of course, no man is entirely
in his right mind at any time.- Mark Twain