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Project Challenges

  • Sales Presentation
  • Impact Report
  • Promotional Recipe Book
  • Ongoing Design Support (sell sheets, shippers, packaging, ads, etc)

Having grown large enough to need full-time, in-house design support, Alter Eco weighed their options. They could hire an individual designer and pay them a San Francisco sized salary, or they could retain a team in Seattle with decades of experience and a similarly fervent committtment to sustainability. Luckily for us, they chose the latter.

While Alter Eco came to us with a strong written brand platform (established by our friends at Egg) and beautiful packaging (designed by our friends at Tomorrow Partners), the rest of their marketing materials needed a boost. From sell sheets to shippers, and sales presentations to promotional recipe books, there was a pretty sizable amount of work that needed to be pushed further, brought into line with their brand, or reworked completely. Starting with a discovery process that helped us understand the brand better, we then dove into the most urgent needs. With each new piece we've collaborated on, we have a goal of increasing it's effectiveness, aligning the brand, ensuring sustainability (economy, environment, ethics), and generally upping the level of design to be as strong as the products.

Project Results

  • We're able to provide a team of designers for the cost of one employee, keeping as much money going into the cause as possible.


  • Design::
    Gage Mitchell, Kellie Komorita, Carla Williamson-Britt
  • Alter Eco Marketing Team::
    Antoine Ambert, Cat Gieser, Stephanie Mack
  • Brand Strategy::
    Egg Branding, Modern Species

Happy Client Says

At Alter Eco, we feel fortunate to consider Modern Species a part of our team. A team of people who share the same values, the same commitment to sustainability, and a passion for high quality foods and full traceability. It is very rare to find such talented and creative minds, with such expertise and innovative ideas in branding, packaging design and marketing strategies, that also care deeply about what your brand actually sells (as long as it is good for the planet and the people making it!). In addition to that, Modern Species’ team is extremely professional, highly flexible, always meets deadlines, communicates very openly, and is very fun to work with. If you get a chance to work with Modern Species, you’ll be inspired and all your design work will get beautifully done!

Antoine Ambert Marketing Director