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Project Challenges

  • Logo Design
  • Package Design Update
  • Printed Marketing & Educational Materials
  • Web Design & Digital Promotional Campaign Materials
  • Expo Booth Signage & Graphics

Years before we started working with them, Alter Eco set out to create a compostable stand-up pouch (SUP). In 2013, the United States saw 17 billion SUPs hit the shelves. While this packaging is lightweight and convenient, it’s also incredibly wasteful as nearly all of them are unrecyclable. With the SUP market expected to grow another 42% in five years, Alter Eco wanted to make this troublesome product part of the solution to the nation’s environmental issues. In 2015 the first compostable SUP prototype passed testing and we eagerly accepted Alter Eco’s request to have us work on the product’s launch. 

It was a unique challenge to work on branding a package. We needed to create a design that would work well on any package (being the rock stars they are, Alter Eco wants to share this technology with other brands) without overpowering the main brand. It had to communicate to consumers how to dispose of it and let compost facilities know it was safe to pass through their system. We worked with copywriter Natalie Linden, who came up with the perfect name that allowed us to create a descriptive logo. The name also played beautifully into the campaign we worked on with both Natalie and egg brands to launch Gone4Good at ExpoWest 2016. We made full use of Alter Eco’s sponsorship dollars with clean and colorful graphics combined with clever copy. Not only did the graphics succeed in spreading the message and packing their booth with interested buyers, it also garnered a Nexty Award for Best Packaging!

Project Results

  • Pouch made from non-gmo, FSC-certified plant-based materials

  • Pouch is commercially and home compostable (certification in progress), whereas other pouches are landfill bound because no pouch is currently recyclable in the United States

  • New compostable pouched picked up enthusiastically by major retailers like Whole Foods


  • Marketing Strategy:
    egg brands, Alter Eco
  • Product Naming:
    Natalie Linden, Modern Species, egg
  • Package Design:
    Gage Mitchell
  • Copywriting:
    Natalie Linden
  • Campaign Design:
    Carla Williamson-Britt, Kellie Komorita

Happy Client Says

I really can’t say enough great things about Modern Species. From the very beginning, they’ve asked the right questions to really dig deep and understand the essence of Alter Eco. On each project they bring not only their skills and design expertise, but a deep passion and excitement to help create beautiful work that captivates the attention of our audience. They play an integral role when creating strategies for marketing campaigns and they bring fresh perspective to the table. For us, Modern Species isn’t just a partner, they’re an extension of our Alter Eco team. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with them will be thankful for the inspiring collaboration and visual vibrancy they’ll bring to your brand!

Cat Gieser Marketing Coordinator


  • 2016 Nexty Award (Expo West)

    Best Packaging