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Project Challenges

  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Presentation Templates
  • Print Tools & Marketing Pieces

Coffective provided us with the tough challenge of developing a brand that would speak to an incredibly wide audience. The goal of Coffective is to unite an often disconnected pregnancy healthcare system through tools that provide reliable and consistent support for moms, regardless of their situation. This meant that we needed the Coffective brand to appeal to hospitals, healthcare providers, moms from every social strata, and even governments and foundations that could use these tools to solve major social issues.

When Ryan Comfort initially came to us, he had this baby all mapped out in his head, but it needed a name and a body. We came up with Coffective to express what makes the organization tick – bringing communities together for effective change. Knowing that this brand was going to be widely used, we developed robust brand standards before working on the long and detailed process of designing and testing the print and mobile tools. We flew out to Indiana to see the materials being used in person and to ask questions of those who would be using the materials, to make sure they blended well into the already existing systems.

Today the tools have been adopted by Michigan WIC, Louisiana hospitals, and Indiana coalitions. Coffective has also received grants from major foundations and local governments to help spread these tools to those communities most in need. Coffective is one baby we’re very proud of.

Project Results

  • Coffective was awarded grants and government contracts before any tools were even designed, based purely off the quality of the ideas and level of design presentation.

  • All tools were designed with behavioral psychology, systems thinking, and inclusion principles to make them accessible to a wide audience and to increase their positive impact.


  • Product Strategy:
    Ryan Comfort, Gage Mitchell
  • Brand Strategy:
    Gage Mitchell, Jennifer Stewart
  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Lauren Wallace, Kellie Komorita, Carla Williamson-Britt, Rhonda Sergeant
  • Copywriting:
    Cathy Carothers, Ryan Comfort, Gage Mitchell

Happy Client Says

Modern Species has not just been my branding and design firm, I truly consider them partners.  Not only would our brand and visual presentation not be what it is today without them, my actual business wouldn't either. They not only bring a design perspective, they also understand business and have entrepreneurial instincts.  This set of skills has ensured they deliver solutions that don't just look good but help me achieve my business goals.

Ryan Comfort President