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Project Challenges

  • Brand Expression
  • Package Design
  • Website
  • Sales Materials

Project Results

  • Launched with a nationwide Whole Foods exclusive, and sold over 100,000 units in the first two months (over double the predicted velocity), which resulted in a bunch of reorders from stores.


  • Brand Strategy:
    Jamie Lamonde, Gage Mitchell
  • Design:
    Carla Williamson-Britt, Gage Mitchell, Kellie Komorita
  • Copywriting:
    Wendy Allen

Happy Client Says

Our organization contracted Modern Species to develop the packaging design and website for our first ever consumer packaged goods.

It was crucial for the growth of our co-operative that the packaging was done right. Modern Species did an amazing job of turning the story, philosophy, feel and ethic of our co-operative into beautiful and impactful labels and website. It was a pleasure working with the Modern Species team and we look forward to continued collaboration.

Jason Freeman Marketing Director