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Project Challenges

  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design

When Kristine came to us for her initial identity design, she was clear – she wanted her family’s faces to be on the logo to serve as a reminder of why Makes 3 was created and to let families know who stands behind it. 

Kristine and Dan Sperling developed Makes 3 after a scary asthma attack revealed their daughter Alice’s allergies. Tracing these allergies back to the chemicals in their food, cleaning, and personal care products, they did all they could to find suitable replacements that would be chemical free and also usable for the whole family. Frustrated with their lack of choices, they both decided that they would be the ones to fill that hole in the market.

The design of Markes 3 is clean and spacious to communicate the purity of the product and universality of its appeal. Dan and Kristine have always been enthusiastic about using only the most sustainable materials available for their packaging. Because of their commitment to purity inside and out, their soap bars became the first certified by the Environmental Working Group. We also helped to design the mark for their Share the Suds program which donates soap bars to students and homeless families. The company is constantly expanding and you can find their products in stores from coast to coast.

Project Results

  • Soap Boxes printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled, FSC Certified Paper (Neenah Environment), and labels for balms and liquid soap printed on tree-free stone paper (TerraSkin).

  • Achieved direct sales to customers in all 50 states and in Canada via their website, and product placement in most major natural markets in California within the first two years of business.


  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Lauren Wallace, Kellie Komorita
  • Illustration:
    Gage Mitchell
  • Printing:
    Color Graphics (boxes), Ross Printing (labels)
  • Paper:
    FSC Certified Neenah Environment 100% PCW (boxes), TerraSkin (labels)

Happy Client Says

We launched Makes 3 with a specific mission in mind – to proliferate the availability of organic, nontoxic personal care for families to contribute to healthy households. Conveying that message is as important as our products themselves. Gage and Jenifer were very keen listeners in our branding process and took our vision and made it better than we could have imagined. We appreciate their partnership in growing our business and look forward to all of the work we will do together in the future.

Dan Sperling President