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Project Challenges

  • Brand Evolution Strategy
  • In-Store Packaging (Pints, Quarts, Cups)
  • Shipping Experience Materials
  • Franchise Opportunity Brochures & Website
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Exterior Signage Refresh

After years of ranking high on lists for the best ice cream in America, and recieving praise from entities like Food & Wine Magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings, Mora decided to give this country what it desperately needs – a franchise that promises to do for ice cream what Starbucks did for coffee. Before Starbucks showed up on every street corner, drip coffee at your local diner or donut shop was the standard. Now latte, machiatto, and espresso are all household words. America now knows what grown up, sophistcated coffee looks like, and Mora thinks it's time we learn what grown up, sophistaced ice cream looks like, too.

Enter Mora's decision to build a big factory in Poulsbo and start franchising Mora Iced Creamery shops around the world. There was just one problem. Mora had grown and changed over time and didn't yet look like a world-class, buttoned-up, franchisable brand. So they began searching for a team who could truly understand their vision, and help translate that vision into a cohesive brand system that could be easily replicated by franchise owners. Luckily for us, we caught their eye and had plenty of past experience making small companies look like big franchises. So after a wonderful getting-to-know-eachother meeting where we all hit it off famously, we got to right work dialing in on a shared brand vision, and then designing piece by piece as the timeline the budget allowed. We've been working closely together for a few years, and still have a few major pieces to update, but each step of the way brings us that much closer to teaching the world what truly extraordinary ice cream tastes (and looks) like.

Project Results

  • We helped find vendors who could produce beautifully custom ice cream cups, and gorgeously printed marketing pieces in small quantities, at relatively low costs, to bring the big-store look to a (currently) small company.

  • We've specified recycled paper, soy/vegetable/water-based inks, and eco-friendly finishes on all projects, where possible.

  • We've secured vendors with fair and ethical labor practices, especially when working with overseas manufacturers, opting for local companies whenever possible.


  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Lauren Wallace, Kellie Komorita, Carla Williamson-Britt
  • Copywriting:
    Jennifer Stewart

Happy Client Says

An endangered species! Modern Species works for our brand as if it were their own. A trait you sometimes don't even find in your own employees!!!  We always feel as though they have our backs and can continuously rely on them to meet or exceed our expectations!

Ana Orselli Chief Brand Officer