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Project Challenges

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Branded Boxes, Cups & Bag Design
  • Menu Design
  • Brand Launch on Instagram

When Mini Treats decided they wanted to open a physical location to sell their delectable goodies, they immediately started looking for a design team who could help them craft the experience they envisioned. After stumbling upon some of our previous work online, they reached out to us and we promptly fell in love with the founders and their vision. Luckily, the feeling was mutual and we set out to create a tasty new brand together.

During our discovery phase we settled upon the idea of  "a retreat for the senses" to set the mood for the brand. From there we worked with Mini Treats to uncover a new name that would set just the right tone for the customer's experience. Many lovely names were presented, but Paper Fig Desserts stood out amongst the rest. A paper fig is a type sea shell, after all – something one might bring back from a relaxing vacation to remember the good times. So with a new name in place for Mini Treats, now Paper Fig, we moved forward into the brand identity.

Paper Fig's desserts are made with fresh, pure, high-quality ingredients and are hand decorated to be miniature works of art. To give their customers a taste of what to expect when inside the shop, we aimed to mimic that finesse with the logo design, and to capture that freshness with the brand color palette. From there we wove the retreat narrative throughout the branded items, menu and stationery suite. After some obsessive polishing, we were then ready to announce the new name and identity to the world. So we collaborate with Paper Fig on an Instagram roll out that was met with wild enthusiasm as thirty thousand people clicked to follow the new social media account. With the UAE's newest (and best) little dessert shop and cafe now open in Sharjah, we couldn't be more proud of them and their success.

Project Results

  • Brand relaunched with new name and identity via social media and accrued almost 30k followers on Instragram by opening day.

  • Recycled and recyclable materials for the cups, bags, and boxes.


  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Lauren Wallace, Kellie Komorita
  • Copywriting:
    Jennifer Stewart
  • Printing:
    Managed overseas to be local to Paper Fig (UAE)