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Project Challenges

  • Logo Refresh
  • Package Design Refresh

As one of the largest manufacturers of environmentally-friendly household products in North America, Planet has a strong reputation for making products that are both kind, and clean. However, overtime, their brand-look had become a bit dated. Egg, a brand development firm in Seattle, was brought in to help reestablish the Planet brand as a clear leader in the category. With a renewed understanding of who they are, a new voice, and clever ad campaign, Planet was then ready to evolve their logo and packaging to match. Enter, Modern Species.

Working closely with Egg, we dove into their brand platform and company history to better understand why Planet exists, and who they are as a brand (much love to Egg's brand strategy work). Learning that Planet was founded in 1989 by Stefan Jacob, a commercial fisherman who was gravely concerned about the ever increasing pollution of our water and soil, we had a strike of inspiration. What if we gave a nod to the company's founding, while mimicking their current brand icon – an image of planet Earth? After a range of studies, we settled on an illustrative mark that suggests a fish (which doubles as a sky), jumping out of a body of water (which doubles as a supportive hand), separated by some green mountains. We then designed those symbols into a yin yang-esque shape which, from a distance, looks Mother Earth (clouds, water and land). Add in some friendly yet sturdy logotype and the end result is a logo that is simultaneously able to celebrate the company's founding principles, maintain their existing brand equity, give them a more ownable mark, and help the brand feel more current. 

Project Results

  • Successfully reconnected the brand to it's founding values with a fresh, contemporary look without loosing 25+ years of brand equity.


  • Brand Strategy:
    Egg Branding
  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Lauren Wallace