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Project Challenges

  • Brand Strategy & Identity Design
  • Package Design
  • E-Commerce Website Design
  • Sales & Trade Show Materials

When Lisa Brill found us she hadn't started selling yet and had only just settled on a name, but she already had a product line of 40 skus. That was our first indication of how zealous she is about her business. Having had various skin issues over the course of seasons and years, she took it upon herself to develop a skincare line to soothe her skin. Her next logical step was to soothe the skin problems for the rest of the world. All she needed now was a brand!

We worked with Lisa to determine the characteristics, both visual and verbal, that would give Qet it's sweet and slightly sassy personality. The brand then needed to exemplify the purity and simplicity of each product. Most daunting was the need to fit a lot of information on a tiny bottle and Lisa's request that we not use a full box that would simply become trash. Through many iterations and with the help of the printers at DCG One we developed a wrap around half box that only required a strip of paper and used a tab lock with no adhesive. The half box added to the modern look and gave Qet a unique shelf presence. DCG One also helped us save money on printing by maximizing the press sheet with notecards and business cards printed alongside the packaging.

The website was designed to put as much emphasis as possible on the pure botanicals that Qet uses. Oversized botanicals filled the screen and we used a sticky nav and jump links for easy navigation through the large product line. Within one year, Lisa had so many requests for online sales that she asked us to design and develop a shopping cart. We also worked with Qet on creating monthly promotional graphics used to keep the website and Qet's social media as fresh as their products.

The result of all these branding efforts combined with Lisa's incredible PR skills and top-quality products has been attention from local and national industry magazines, and even from fashion magazines in London. After only one year, Qet's Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme won an award from Healing Lifestyles & Spas. Granted that was due to the product more than the design, but dang it we're just so proud of Qet that we had to mention it!

Project Results

  • Production savings by innovating a half-box design and by fitting business cards and notecards into open space on the packaging press sheet.

  • New brand launch that gained immediate wholesale contracts and national and international sales through beautiful e-commerce website.

  • TerraSkin Tree-Free Stone-Paper Labels, 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper for Stationery, Half Boxes, and Brochure


  • Design:
    Gage Mitchell, Kellie Komorita
  • Copy Editing:
    Jennifer Stewart
  • Product Photography:
    Gage Mitchell, Jennifer Stewart, Lisa Brill
  • Web Development:
    Two Six Code
  • Printing:
    McCallum Print Group (DCG One), Greener Printer, Richmark Label

Happy Client Says

Smart and image savvy, eco-conscientious, open communication that leaves no leaf unturned, the creation of authentic product personality, guidance and leadership along the launching pad, ~ these are just a few of the reasons why we feel honored to be included in the Modern Species portfolio. And... they had us at "sustainable."

Lisa Brill Founder & Owner


  • American Packaging Design Award, 2014

    Sustainable Packaging

  • Graphic Design USA Magazine, October 2013

    Featured in Green Newsletter