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Hello Goodbye

by Gage Mitchell | Oct 16, 2018 | Studio News

Oh, what a bittersweet year it's been for our graphic designer Carla and her husband Todd.

It all started with the birth of their second son, Grayson Alder Britt (our second grand species) and—spoiler alert—ends with her leaving Modern Species to move to Florida.

Grayson’s arrival was a little earlier than expected—one week to be exact—but Carla was ready and well prepared for his arrival. Somehow she even found time to plant some spring blooms a mere 30 minutes before Grayson made his entrance. Way to earn your title of "productivity wolverine" Carla!

Like his brother, Grayson was blessed to be born with beautiful blue eyes and a "cheeky" smile, as Carla would say. It won’t be long before these two little guys team up and find their way into some mischief!

Then, just as they were getting settled into their new, even more full life, Carla got the painful news that Todd, a Wind Engineer (and fellow sustainable species like us) fell victim to the current political climate and was made "redundant" at his job, and therefore laid off. But like everything Carla and Todd do, they somehow found a way to make this plot twist a positive one. Since they were struggling to find someone to take care of their two little boys anyway, Todd decided to not rush into a new job and stay home with kids until he found something just right. The modern man!

Unfortunately, this life phase was too good to last. After a wonderful summer with the boys, Todd found a new job with a fantastic renewable energy company called Nextera ... in Florida! 

This brings us to the saddest news we've had since Alter Eco told us they were discontinuing their Sugar line—our bubbly, optimistic, sweet, Colourful Carla will be leaving Modern Species on October 26th. 

(cue sad music)

Before you drown your sadness in a pint of Mora swiss chocolate ice-cream, don't worry, we'll find a way to keep Carla involved with Modern Species so this won’t be the last you hear of her (but go ahead and have the ice cream anyway). In the short term she plans to spend the next couple of months moving her family across the country and rediscovering who she is in Florida (finally all of her colorful outfits will get to come out of storage). Once she finishes her soul-searching, however, you may see her pop into a design project or onto our blog or social media every now and then. No matter what she does though, we know it will be wonderful, exciting, and at the very least, colorful (have we mentioned she loves colors?).

As Carla moves into this next chapter of her life, she wanted to say a few words:

"It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of the Modern Species gang these 3 short years. Thank you to our clients who have allowed me to be a part of their brand evolution. I will forever be an advocate for your brands and their mission. You have made a mark on me and my family and we are all the greater because of it!"

Please join us in wishing Carla and Todd all the best in their new endeavors. We know this super-species couple is going to help design a better world!

You can follow Carla on her new journey here.

Gage Mitchell is the Principal / Creative Director at Modern Species. For more posts from him, click here.

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