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Lucky Number Seven: Modern Species is another year old!

by Gage Mitchell | May 6, 2016 | Studio News

Modern Species turned 7-years old last month, and we had one heck of a year. For example, we brought on a new team member who subsequently delivered us our first grand species. We started working with one of our favorite brands, Alter Eco, and helped them win a Nexty Award at Expo West. And the list goes on... in fact, there are too many fun things to mention so instead we thought we’d share a list of our seven big goals for the future. So here they are, in no particular order.

1. Dream Clients:

Working with the awesome clients we have makes us want to work with some of our other favorite sustainable brands like Nature’s Path, Field Roast, Guayaki, Kickapoo Coffee, Patagonia, Nau, PactB-Corporation, Better World Books, Herman Miller, Calvert Investments, West Paw Design, New Belgium, Unibroue, and Omegang, to name a few.

2. A Healthy New HQ:

Our current plant wall is awesome, but we want even more plants in our next Modern Species HQ (coming soon) — and dogs, more dogs, too – because we love fresh air, pretty greenery, and petting puppies during lunch break.

3. Compostable Packaging:

We'd love to get all our stand-up pouch clients into compostable packaging. Alter Eco has paved the way (thank you), and now we want everyone to use their Gone4Good technology.

4. Sustainable Design:

We love bringing a sustainability angle to our work, but we could make a much bigger impact if we helped build an army of sustainable design advocates. Therefore, we’ll aim to do more speaking and teaching to help spread awareness and knowledge.

5. Food Waste:

The awareness around this issue is growing so the industry is ripe for some killer innovations in this field and we’d love to help be part of the change. 

6. Health Equals Wealth:

While most of our work focuses on being more responsible with what we put in, or on our bodies, we also know physical fitness, a good night's sleep, and mental health are important issues to rally around, too. So as our company grows, so will our focus on making a positive impact in all aspects of life. 

7. Social Justice:

Whether it’s Black Lives Matter, Transgender Rights, or the Refugee Crisis, we feel a greater and greater responsibility to help move society forward in way that gives all people an equal shot at a fulfilling and bountiful life. So we'll be on the look out for the right way to use our skills and expertise to help make the world as awesome as it can be.


Cheers to the next seven years!

Gage Mitchell is the Principal / Creative Director at Modern Species. For more posts from him, click here.

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