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Paper: Making a Statement

As a sustainable design studio we typically face an uphill battle. Not only do we have to think twice as hard about how to make a piece beautiful without resorting to environmentally costly production techniques, we also have to spend a lot of time looking for alternative materials and production methods that can reduce the project’s impact and hopefully save the client some money, too.

Thankfully, many of the big players in the industry are pulling their weight and making our job easier. For example, Neenah Paper's Environment line is produced carbon neutral, Green Seal certified, FSC certified, 100% Post Consumer Recycled and offer some Alternative Fiber options. They also offer some great natural colors and a very nice range of paper weights that can work for anything from 18pt folding board for packaging, all the way down to a nice light weight sheet of stationery. The new Neenah promotion above, What Kind of Statement Are You Making also illustrates what we love to preach—eco-friendly design can be mainstream and sexy. Hopefully next time they'll be featuring some of our work in the promotion, but until then, we're honored to have provided a testimonial for the back of the piece. Thank you Neenah!

Gage Mitchell is the Principal / Creative Director at Modern Species. For more posts from him, click here.

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