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Sustainable Brand Design

Ethics, Environment and Economy

We take on projects that we get excited about and work with clients we respect. The day that becomes impossible is the day we shut this puppy down and go sell insurance.

One thing you will not find at Modern Species is a bunch of tree-hugging, Kumbaya-singing, Utopians. We’re practical idealists who push each other and our clients to be better. Better for society. Better for the environment. Better for the economy. That’s what sustainability is and we practice it because we think good business should be the only business.

If you're looking for a design studio that will act more like a partner than a vendor, you've come to the right place. We believe you’re the expert on your business and we’re the experts in design and branding, and together, we can make beautiful brand babies. 


Whether it be a publication, a speaking gig, or a fancy award, the list below reflects our highlight reel of public achievement.

  • Gray Conversations Event, 2015

    New-Wave Design & Branding Panel Discussion

  • Design Recharge Show, 2015

    Working Your Passions Speaker

  • Creative Jam Seattle, 2015

    Live Design Competition Judge

  • AIGA National Leadership Retreat, 2015

    Design for Good Panel & Workshop Leader

  • AIGA National Leadership Retreat, 2015

    Chapter Presidents Panel

  • AIGA Charlotte Event, 2015

    Combining Work + Passions Speaker

More Bragging

Select Clients

To you they are companies, but to us these represent some of the finest people we know. The awards are great, but this is our pride and joy.

  • Alter Eco
  • Barefoot & Chocolate
  • Bloom Bake Shop
  • Coffective
  • Edible Madison
  • Life Line Financial
  • Makes 3


These are our badges. Not that we need any stinking badges.

An inordinate passion for pleasure
is the secret of remaining young.- Oscar Wilde