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Book Report: The Green Design and Print Production Handbook

Perhaps the best way to introduce “The Green Design & Print Production Handbook” is through an excerpt from the book itself:

“The intention behind this book is to turn that feeling of alienation, of powerlessness, into one in which you feel not only connected with what is happening and why, but you understand the practical part you can play in reducing your impact on the environment through your role as a publisher, printer, or author.”

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Studio News

Meet Carla: Our New Productivity Wolverine

by Gage Mitchell | Jan 26, 2016

As our company name and icon suggests, we like to dream up hybrid animals that evolve more rapidly to meet the demands of their changing environements. It's therefore quite fitting that our newest team member, Carla, is a bit of a hybrid as well. Originally from Australia, she migrated to the States with her American hubby, first to the East Coast, and recently, out here to the West where we scooped her up. In addition to her mutli-nationality, she's also a mixed breed of equal parts designer, event planner, productivity obsessive, and bringer of joy. So she'll fit in quite nicely here.

To properly introduce her to you, the World, we've asked a few questions that we're sure you're dying to ask. If we missed something, please feel free to use our social media and ask her a question of your own. And now, without further adu, World, meet Carla.


Why Making Seasonal Products is Worth the Risk

by Jennifer Stewart | Jan 20, 2016

Many companies pour considerable funds into R&D, design, packaging, and promotion of products that they only intend to sell for 2-3 months because it’s unlikely to sell at all outside that window. It’s a high risk business, so why do so many companies take the chance? Because of a little psychological phenomenon called Loss Aversion.

Studio News

Modern Species 2015 Rewind

by Carla Williamson-Britt | Dec 23, 2015

This was quite the year for the Modern Species team. Before we head into 2016, we took the opportuntiy to reflect on all of the changes and accomplishments that 2015 brought us. Here's hoping 2016 is even better!


This Is Design School Interview

by Gage Mitchell | Nov 30, 2015

We recently had the pleasure of joining Jp Avila and Chad P. Hall in their studio to record an episode of "This Is Design School", a podcast for students wanting to learn more about the design profession. In the interview we talk about our path into running a sustainable design studio, what that means to us, and we leave with some sage advice for students. Before I spoil it any more, go ahead and have a listen below (after the jump). To read the fully transcribed interview, or to listen to other great interviews, click here.

It is better to take pleasure in
a rose than to put its root
under a microscope.- Oscar Wilde