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Jun 29, 2014 Posted by: Jen

When to Use a QR Code

QR codes are not exactly new, however they are as annoying to me today as they were the day that I first came across one. Not that the QR code itself is a problem, it’s just that most people do not use these things logically and therefore usually waste ink and precious page space. This month, however, marks the first time that we have ever suggested to a client the use of a QR code and to celebrate this landmark I have compiled a list of when it is appropriate, inappropriate and stupid to these little pixel puzzles. Read

Jun 17, 2014 Posted by: Jen

Give Back to Gain Profits

This past weekend I had the pleasure of indulging in the dreams of a 20 year old fresh out of his first year of college. “I want to use my double major in marketing and finance to consult with companies who develop partnerships with non-profits to help them improve the world,” he explained to my sheer delight. “Because you can’t just make a ton of money and not give back. Companies can't do that anymore.” This, ladies and gentleman, is the voice of your new generation. Read

Mar 24, 2014 Posted by: Jen

Sustainable Design Degree Alternatives

I once heard a UX designer say, "Colleges didn't even teach what I now do every day." My hope is that sustainable graphic designers will be able to say that one day, too. Right now sustainable design is a profession for only a few self-educated designers, but is generally ignored in the average graphic design curricula. Much like UX design, though, schools often lag in keeping up with the ever-changing world of design, so for those interested in making "sustainable designer" their title, here are the options available to you in schools now. Read


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