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Branding and Sustainable Design

Small company or large, the challenge is always the same – to have consistency in your brand with every customer interaction.

Whether designing identities, simple brochures, large websites, or a 40 ft bus wrap, our focus has always been on creating brand consistency. That's how we communicate your story and your values. That's how brands earn loyalty.

Our clients are a unique set of brands. They are those who understand the public's desire for responsible companies that can create a positive impact on society and the environment while still making a profit. We help brands of all sizes meet those demands with consistent, stunning visual communication that is responsibly designed and produced.

Helping Growing Brands Evolve

Learn how we help small companies evolve into something bigger.

Support for National Brands

Learn how we strengthen national brands and support in-house teams.

Alter Eco Says

At Alter Eco, we feel fortunate to consider Modern Species a part of our team. A team of people who share the same values, the same commitment to sustainability, and a passion for high quality foods and full traceability. It is very rare to find such talented and creative minds, with such expertise and innovative ideas in branding, packaging design and marketing strategies, that also care deeply about what your brand actually sells (as long as it is good for the planet and the people making it!). In addition to that, Modern Species’ team is extremely professional, highly flexible, always meets deadlines, communicates very openly, and is very fun to work with. If you get a chance to work with Modern Species, you’ll be inspired and all your design work will get beautifully done!

Antoine Ambert Marketing Director Alter Eco

Farmer Direct Says

Our organization contracted Modern Species to develop the packaging design and website for our first ever consumer packaged goods.

It was crucial for the growth of our co-operative that the packaging was done right. Modern Species did an amazing job of turning the story, philosophy, feel and ethic of our co-operative into beautiful and impactful labels and website. It was a pleasure working with the Modern Species team and we look forward to continued collaboration.

Jason Freeman Marketing Director Farmer Direct

Organic Valley Says

Whenever we need something done right (which is always), and our in-house talent is up to its eyeballs, Modern Species is always our first go-to. Not only do they know the complexities and subtleties of organic agriculture and sustainability inside and out, they’re also incredible designers! Over the years they have become part of our family in every way. Even under tough deadlines, Modern Species delivers elegant solutions time after time, and, amazingly, on time. My boss thinks I’m good. Truth is, I have good friends.

Andy Radtke Content Manager Organic Valley | CROPP

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