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The design genius comes from two goals; to find the best creative solutions for our clients and to constantly improve our professional abilities. Each day is a new opporunity to be better than the day before – better at design, writing, communication, and accuracy when throwing bouncy balls at each other's heads. Because we want to be the best design studio ever. And because Gage evades bouncy balls like a squirrel.

Genus Species :: Socius artifex (Partner designer)

Gage Mitchell

Specimen Gage Mitchell


The graphic design genius that drives Modern Species. He is a unique mammal whose enlarged right brain has given him extraordinary creative abilities that he often uses to systematically design the world around him. This species also consumes a disproportional amount of food for its body weight, simultaneously baffling scientists and irritating women.

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Genus Species :: Socius scriptor (Partner writer)

Jennifer Stewart

Specimen Jennifer Stewart


A born project manager with a penchant for copywriting. Most comfortable when surrounded by books. Exhibits extroverted behavior when in social situations, though also adapts well to seclusion. This species responds well to new surroundings and people offering chocolate.

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